Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Fake

A Mindful Traveler

Friendly Friday photo challenge hosted at The Snow Melts Somewhere and Something to Ponder About, delivers the theme “Fake “ this week.

Below are three examples from my travels. Sometimes it was difficult to tell which was real and which was fake!

Hobbiton Studio Tour in New Zealand. The colourful display of vegetables on the bench are fake and used for props, though the veggie patch in the background is definitely real!

A selection of street food on display in Hong Kong’s busy street market. It looks too real to be fake!

One of Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay’s displays. The theme of Halloween displayed hundreds of thousands of pumpkins for this exhibition, but this pumpkin carriage was a fake. Though is that a real Cinderella I see there??

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18 comments on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Fake

  1. Cindarella is definitely for real!!! 😍 Lovely selection and well-thought choices, those pumpkins would’ve fooled me!!

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  2. Crazy fake food looks so good. Find that sort of thing fascinating and always have to examine them so closely.

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  3. Cordelia.

    What an interesting photo challenge! I’d never guess the fruits were not real!

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  4. Lovely photos. It sure can be hard to tell real from fake just by looking at it.

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  5. 1 and 2 look so real!

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  6. Excellent choices for this week’s theme, Lorelle! The creators of these fake products are so clever, aren’t they?

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  7. The Gardens by the Bay are so beautiful. I’d love to back in a different season.

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