Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Bricks and Tiles

Glanum, Southern France

Friendly Friday photo challenge hosted at Manja Mexi Moving and Something to Ponder About, delivers the theme “Bricks and Tiles” this week.

The three photos below were taken within Southern France. A captivating region where alluring history, inspiring art, timeless culture, and flavoursome food are an essential part of everyday life.

The narrow cobblestoned pedestrian only streets of Les Baux de Provence, are a main feature of this charming medieval village.

IMG_1187 2

One kilometre south of Saint Remy de Provence, France, lies the Roman city of Glanum, one of the oldest and largest archaeological sites in Europe. Original bricks and the fountain seen here below, offer an interesting perspective of the site as a whole as it once was thousands of years ago.


Hôtel de Sade, a historic mansion in Saint Remy de Provence, preserves 2,000 years of history and houses an impressive collection of relics such as tiles (below), drawings, sculptures and coins from the nearby ancient Roman city and archaeological site of Glanum.

IMG_1324 2

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16 comments on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Bricks and Tiles

  1. Most excellent tiles. I don’t know these parts at all. Thank you for your contribution, Lorelle!

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  2. beautiful captures !

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  3. Southern France is such a gorgeous region, beautiful photos! #friendlyfriday

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  4. It’s mind boggling to imagine the work that went into creating and building such amazing places so long ago. Just thinking of the tools that would have been needed to do the building. Imagine if they could see our world and how far things have come. I wonder if they’d want to swap places! I’m not so sure…

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  5. I find Roman ruins so interesting. The Romans were very innovative and clever.

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  6. You always make the French villages look so appealing 🙂 🙂

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  7. I love these pictures Lorelle! Such a charming village too!

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