Friendly Friday Photo Challenge- Design

Friendly Friday photo challenge hosted at The Snow Melts Somewhere and Something to Ponder About, delivers the theme “Design” this week.

Creativity is a powerful tool of design. Individual ideas and unique concepts, produce extraordinary results such as these…

Flatiron Building, New York
Pisa, Tuscany, Italy
Carrières de Lumières, Les Baux-de- Provence, France
Starry Night, Vincent Van Gogh
Audrey 2
Audrey Hepburn exhibition, Florence, Italy

Created with Adobe Spark

Join me here at…









29 comments on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge- Design

  1. Starry Night is one of my very favourite paintings.

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  2. So many amazing designs!

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  3. Wonderful images fromthe world for Friendly Friday.

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  4. Wonderful images, Lorelle that old mans face has so much character and living in it 🙂 x

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  5. All such lovely pieces of design from around the world and from different times

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  6. Great designs all of them. Particularly like the flatiron as its just so different.

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  7. Nice collection! That building in Pisa is so beautiful I didn’t even notice the leaning tower at first.

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  8. Breath takingly beautiful, every one of them Lorelle. I tried to pick a favourite, but they are all too different to compare.

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  9. Wonderful photos! I particularly like the one of Pisa, great to see the tower from an alternative angle (and I didn’t notice it the first time I looked!). And the painting of the man on the wall is stunning!

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  10. Love these shots!


  11. Where was the first photo taken Lorelle? In Penang Malaysia?

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  12. And is the Starry Starry Night in the Netherlands? So beautiful! Great take on the theme Lorelle!

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  13. Starry night by Vincent Van Gogh is a forever favourite for me.

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