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Spring Rolls…

After an adventurous cooking class experienced in Da Nang, Vietnam, here is my recipe for easy Spring Rolls. In Vietnam, the cooked spring roll is wrapped into a lettuce leaf and dipped into a chili dipping sauce (Nuoc Cham). 

This deliciously crunchy snack or meal is simple to make and can be adjusted to suit a vegetarian menu as well.

Read the full recipe here:

Easy Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls 6

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27 comments on “Spring Rolls…

  1. I kill for Spring Rolls – fresh or fried, it doesn’t matter!

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  2. Now, I have a hankering for spring rolls… 🙂

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  3. Oh la la …. delicious and I am definitely going to give them a try. We have my stepson with us and he loves Asian food so no more excuses, where’s my pinnie? Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. OMG, Lorelle! I could eat spring rolls all the time! 😀 One of the things I do not want to share at home 😀

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  5. hopelesswonderer

    These look so tasty!!

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  6. I’m reading this at night, and now I’m hungry…

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  7. Delicious – we love them.

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  8. i really need to hire a cook. My husband must get sick of toasties and panninis. Perhaps I’ll jump ship and become a deck hand bound for foreign parts. 🙂 🙂

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  9. Instant hunger path from this post! Lol

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  10. Oh don’t! I’m thinking Richmond. Any one of a 💯 brilliant little eateries. Dip, bite, crunch, yummmmm.

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  11. Yum. Just like I thought Lorelle, I’m salivating. These sound so delicious. Love all these flavours.

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  12. Oh my gosh, those look so good!!

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  13. Taking cooking classes as you travel is such a wonderful way to experience the local culture!

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