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Melbourne Review: High Tea at Rendezvous Hotel…

Celebrate a special occasion or simply enjoy a spectacular High Tea with family or friends, at the Rendezvous Hotel, Melbourne.

Read my article about the  Rendezvous Hotel here

High Tea at Rendezvous Hotel: Weekend Notes





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20 comments on “Melbourne Review: High Tea at Rendezvous Hotel…

  1. Great review Lorelle. I’m with you, jam first then just a small dollop of cream. Delicious.

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  2. I would visit Melbourne just for that lovely High Tea! My girlfriends and I would go crazy over that. – Neek

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  3. Wow that all sounds so dreamy and perfect!

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  4. Always love to learn read about a new place to have high tea. Now, I just have to get to Melbourne! 🙂

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  5. Ooh that looks like such a lovely place! ❤

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  6. What a delicious treat that would be!

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  7. What a fabulous place to dine and so elegant!

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  8. The amazing decoration of the cupcake made me wanna go there,soon.

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