Three Day Quote Challenge. Day 1…

A Mindful Traveler

Thank you to the inspiring and beautiful Nisha from Inspires N, for tagging me in the “Three Day Quote Challenge“.

The rules are fairly simple and who doesn’t love a good quote, right?

The Rules :

1) Thank the person who nominated you
2) Post a quote for 3 consecutive days ( 1 post each day )
3) Nominate 3 bloggers each day


Day 1 Quote:

Quote Challenge 1


Day 1 Nominations:

I nominate these three lovely ladies who I had the absolute pleasure to meet and share brunch with last week. So grateful to have the support of fellow local Melbournian bloggers. These friendships are definitely the start of many more wonderful memories to come. Thank you again for a great morning ladies. 🙂

Please check them out…

Miriam – Out an’ About

Haley – Dear Dad

Lindsey –  Itching for Hitching

Brunch with Miriam



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27 comments on “Three Day Quote Challenge. Day 1…

  1. A great quote!!

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  3. That’s a great thought and so true. Lovely photo of your four! 🙂 xx

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  4. Great quote and how nice to have met up with other bloggers. That’s how special friendships start.

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  5. So true… Great quote… And stunning photograph! ❤ Happy day to you!

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  6. And not only do you make new friends, but so do we when we check out these blogs. I know Miriam but not the others. Thanks for sharing!

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  7. What a wonderful quote Lorelle and so very true. It was lovely to meet you and spend that morning together. Here’s to many more adventures and catchups. 🙂 P.S I’m pretty busy right now, so I may have to change the rules if I do this challenge!!

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  8. Such a beautiful quote on friends Lorelle! lovely picture , nice way to meet for brunch with lovely friends 🙂 Have a wonderful rest of the week 🙂

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  9. Very nice! to have such a gathering of like-minds!
    A lovely photo of you all …
    and a fab quote which is so apropos for the occasion.

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  10. This is lovely Lorelle and I’m so glad you got to meet up with some fab bloggers especially my friend Miriam 😊

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