Sunshine Blogger Award…

A Mindful Traveler



A huge thank you to Bree from  3 Sisters Abroad  who has kindly nominated me for the Sunshine Bloggers Award.

Bree and her sisters also live in Victoria, Australia and their blog is dedicated to their wonderful travel tales of Europe and cruising!

As I have completed this award previously, I invite you to check out Bree’s blog here and  share the love.

Thank you again for all your support ladies!

Sunshine Blogger Award – 3 Sisters Abroad




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14 comments on “Sunshine Blogger Award…

  1. Congratulations!! ❤ This is definitely one of my favorite blog awards. 🙂 xx

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  2. You deserve it!

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  3. Congratulation, your blog has won NEPALIAUSTRALIAN’s Blog Award 2017. Please click the link below for details.

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  4. Congratulation for winning the award 😄

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  5. Congratulations Lorelle!!!

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  6. Congrats for your Sunshine Bloggers award. I also check your Bree’s blog and really too good for supports all ladies.

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