Welcoming the New Year…

The New Year is upon us, a time for new dreams and new goals. A time of personal development.

Growth is an individual process. Each one of us, unique in our own way, develop independently, in our own time.

Having faith and hope in this process, despite the rate it takes, will always lead us to where we want to go, one way or another.


Growth for nourishment…


Growing our home…

Ballon Pic

Letting go to grow…


Photo Challenge: Growth


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43 comments on “Welcoming the New Year…

  1. Loved this post. Have a great 2018💕

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  2. Lovely messages and photos here Lorelle.

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  3. A lovely positive post.

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  4. Stunning pictures – I could taste that strawberry through that screen, and your message is perfect. It also happens to be a wonderful take on the theme ❤️ xx

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  5. Happy New Year! How would you like to grow this year?

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  7. Lovely words, stunning photos.

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  8. Happy 2018. Inner growth is most important.Agreed

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  9. A great take on the photo challenge Lorelle! Lovely photos of growth.

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  10. Fabulous set of photographs to illustrate your goals! May 2018 be a brilliant year for you and yours! 🙂 x

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  11. Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    I love the pictures and the sentiment. Hope 2017 is a cracker!

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  12. That photo of the clouds is so pretty! ❤ Happy New Year to you:)

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  13. Such a beautiful message. I’m always having a hard time accepting “each one of us, unique in our own way, develop independently, in our own time.” But it’s nice to be reminded to have that hope.

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  14. This is just beautiful, Happy New Year AMT!!!

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  15. have a great 2018

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  16. Nice article 🙂 it was certainly a nice relaxing read

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  17. Happy 2018 Lorelle! More than a month of not reading blogs for me – Holidays, travel, kids going back to school, etc. Finally I got to sit down today and spend some time on WordPress and it’s nice to start with yours 🙂

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