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Questa è la mia storia Italiana…

This is my connection to Italy....



“Vivere una Vita Bella” –  Live a Beautiful Life


This is my connection to Italy….

My passion for Italy has remained with me since an early age. Meeting and then marrying my husband, whose parents were both born in Sicily, ignited this obsession further, and fueled my desire to discover as much as I could about this alluring country.

Each region of Italy is so unique and distinctive to the other. From the north to the south, the diversity and specialty of each province is evident and exceptional. Italy offers majestic lakes, grand mountains, beautiful beaches and bustling cities.

Slow food, chic fashion, opulent architecture, love of life and passion for all things Italian is why I am drawn back time after time.

Without doubt, Sicily and Rome, where my husbands’ families reside, remain dear and close to my heart. Fond memories of special times together, will be cherished forever and for this I am so grateful.  🙂

Thank you to the girls at Italian at Heart, Questa Dolce Vita, and Mammaprada for creating this linkup for all things Italian, at #DolceVitaBloggers


The majestic Lake Como…


The opulent architecture of the Duomo in Milan…

IMG_2178 (1)

Mountainous views from Verona…


Venetian Splendour…


Fruitful Vineyards…


Fast cars…


Delicious pizza, pizza and more pizza…

IMG_2003 (1)

Delectable deserts (tiramisu and panna cotta)…


Historic Scaliger Castle in Sirmione, Lake Garda…


Tuscan countryside…

IMG_1936 2

Beautiful coastlines and beaches of Cinque Terre…


Our families farm in Sicily…


Always a sweet spot for Roma…

“You may have the universe if I may have Italy” Giuseppe Verdi


Pin for later…

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76 comments on “Questa è la mia storia Italiana…

  1. I share your love but for different reasons …. for me it was living there for 18 months in the eighties for work. No matter the reason, the fact remains that Italy literally bursts with magic and beauty and per square foot you get more elegance, culture and natural gob-smacking delight than in any other country (even my beloved home – France ) xx

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    • Oh I definitely agree Osyth. It’s such a captivating country. You would have wonderful memories there then. Where in Italy did you work?

      Liked by 1 person

      • In Rome. I lived in an apartment in the house of Beatrice Cenci on the edge of the ghetto – I can honestly say that it was living the dream. I always thought I would retire to Italy but then I met my husband and I knew it would be France which is no suffrage really as I have a deep love of this country too. And being in Grenoble I can at least nip to Milan very easily if the mood takes me. Problem is, I always then feel I want to go further south, pop back to Rome, maybe meander in Tuscany, go south feel the joy of Naples, Amalfi, Capri …. ah, me – too much beautiful!!!! By the way, this is about your post which was a visual and literary treat of the first order xx

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      • Thank you lovely. I love hearing your stories. You are very lucky indeed to be so close to Italy and have the flexibility to cross over at any time. I too have a dream at retirement stage, of spending the summers in Italy and escaping the cold of Melbourne! Maybe one day! 🤞

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      • Dream loud and clear and I believe you will get your wish xx

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  2. Gorgeous photos Lorelle, what a lovely connection to have.

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  3. abbiestark

    I absolutely loved your roundup of special photos! You have such a lovely way of depicting Italy with your words and photography.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. mammaprada

    Thank you for joining Lorelle! What lovely areas to spend time in Rome & Sicily! I’ve yet to go to Sicily and can’t wait I’ve heard such great things about it. Thank you for including all the gorgeous photos as well! It’s great to get to know you a little better xx #DolceVitaBloggers

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  5. Your photos are so beautiful, and they really show the atmosphere of Italy so well. One can see that you love the country from the way you caught its soul with your camera.
    I’m always happy to find people who are passionate about Italy and have a connection with “il Belpaese”! 🙂

    A presto!

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  6. Fantastic pictures! Thanks for sharing!

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  7. We love Italy too – just everything about it, from the food to the scenery to the ambiance….. Never been to Sicily though, hopefully one day!

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  8. Very lovely post! I’ve always wanted to go there. Added Italy to my bucket list.

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  9. Italy:) so close to where I live..:)

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  10. That quotation by Verdi about Italy is one of my favourites! I completely agree, nearly every day I seem to add a new destination in Italy I want to visit – and one is definitely Sicily! I’ll come to you for tips 🙂

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  11. Thanks for joining us Lorelle! I loved hearing about your connection to Italy! I agree, one of my favorite things about Italy is the diversity of the food, landscapes, dialects…I can never get enough!!! I’ve been to Sicily a few times and would love to go back!

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  12. Milestones & Wanderlust

    Food. Scenery. Culture. Italy seems to have it all. Would love to be able to visit some day.

    Thanks for this blog it brings me closer to that dream.

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  13. Lovely photos!! 🙂 Nice to know of the Sicilian connect. You must be having so much cannoli 😉

    PS- I love that quote by Verdi!

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  14. Lively and handsome photos..Alluring to the core!!

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  15. You’ve captured the diversity of Italy so beautifully with your photos!

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  16. Italy – one day we’ll get there. We’ve tried twice, and last minute unexpected happenings forced change of plans. It’s still on our list…

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  17. We must visit Rome one day! Our Family are from the Amalfi Coast so we’ve only ever been there but we are so excited to one day visit Rome and explore and learn about its amazing history! 🙂

    Lucy and Kelly

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    • Rome has a lot of spunk! Rich in history but trendy at the same time. It’s a special place for us as our Zia still lives there so we always stay with her when we visit. The Amalfi coast is beautiful. Where about are your family?


  18. I’m glad you have noticed and appreciated the diversity of Italy! I think it’s one of the main assets of this country! Lovely pics! ❤

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  19. Those pizzas are enormous, but look delicious.

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  20. I’ve seen so much of Italy yet I feel like I’ve barely seen anything. So much to do and see there 😍😍😍

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  21. questadolcevitablog

    Thank you Lorelle for all your wonderful photos, your post has by far been the most photography rich that I’ve come across, although I’m not even yet halfway through reading them! We are so honored to have you as one of the #DolceVitaBloggers! Sicily is my favorite as well (I say that about everywhere in Italy I’ve just realized haha!). But really, I have only been twice but always want to return!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I totally understand. No matter how many times I visit, I feel it keeps calling me back. It’s a real magnetic force.
      Thank you for your kind words Jasmine. It’s lovely to be part of this community. Xx


  22. The photo of the pizza window *drools* looks exactly the same as one in Bergamo! 😍 And now I’m hungry for pizza! Yummm!

    I have been wanting to visit Sicilia for so long! It looks so beautiful!! 🖤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha… that’s because it is the one in Bergamo!! You are 100%correct Angela. Have you been there before?
      Sicily is beautiful and if you ever get the opportunity you must go. Highly recommend 😉


  23. Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    I would so love to go to Italy and explore it all! I wish I had not taken proximity for granted when I lived in the UK and had made the most of geography! I love your pics – I know my trip to Italy is not if but when! How often do you get to go back?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Of living in the U.K would have given you so many options to travel around Europe! Never mind, it’s never too late!
      We usually go every 4-5 years. Our last trip was 2015, so now we will have to wait till my son finishes VCE which will be in another 2 years! All good though.
      Enjoy the week ahead Sammie, not long now till Chrissy 😉


  24. So beautiful! Thank you for the pictorial tour!

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  25. Italy is my favorite European country as well. It is so vibrant and diverse and has so much to offer – including that mindblowing slow food and wine. xx

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  26. This post was super cool! I love Italy so much! I am actually planning on visiting this Christmas!
    Would also love reading your thoughts on my latest blog post:


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    • Thanks so much Sivylla. Good luck with your plans to Italy. Just checked out your blog, great pics, especially your London post. I love how it’s so bright and colourful. Good luck with it all 😉


  27. A lovely post, and how nice that your husband’s family is from Italy. This does make a place feel extra special, doesn’t it 😉

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  28. A beautiful insight into a country I’ve never visited but is most definitely on my wish list! x

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  29. Italy is also my love! We have been I believe 9 times and still love everything!

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  30. dennisallacross

    La dolce vita! I love Italy, too! Rome is one of my favorite cities on earth for all its history and one of the best short vacations we ever had was our one-week Trip that first took us to Venice, after two days by train to Florence and after another two days with a rental car through Tuscany – only Pisa is overrated, but Siena, Lucca, San Gimigniano – love it!

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  31. Congratulation, your blog has been nominated for NEPALIAUSTRALIAN’s Blog Award 2017.

    Please click the link below for details.


  32. Your photos are just stunning Lorelle and they totally sum up Italy and its amazing atmosphere… How lucky to have Italian in laws! We loved having Italy on our doorstep when we lived in Munich, we almost nearly overdosed on it, which wasn’t really a great problem! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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