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Singapore Street Art…

A collection of Street Art photos, discovered and taken on our travels in Singapore... Read more...

A collection of Street Art photos, discovered and taken on our travels in Singapore…

Express yourself…











street art 1


Which was your favourite?


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Powerful messages and self expression through street art…

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81 comments on “Singapore Street Art…

  1. Love the one with the cows 😉

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  2. an amazing collection – good on ya! no – I can’t pick a favourite!

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  3. What fabulous examples of real street art!

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  4. I also like the one with the cows the most – it’s so happy!

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  5. Beautiful art… the older man is amazing, all the details.

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  6. I liked the first one – look at the expression!

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  7. Ouch, and I completely missed them all 😞. Didn’t have enough time for street art on my trip to Singapore and now I can see what I lost.

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  8. I like the first one, one look at it and I can’t forget the face!

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  9. Like the pig

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  10. Definitely the first one:)!

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  11. Great collection! I love the one with the parrot fortune teller. 🙂

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  12. Shopping makes life worth living? Haha. My favourite is the cows on bicycles.

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  13. This is beautiful. I like the one that says We create. Simple and powerful

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  14. PS great post Lorelle 💜💜 hope you are wonderful

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  15. I like the social commentary on the fourth last photo!

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  16. Wow! These were AMAZING! Your photos captured them so well. The town where I work has a ‘wall to wall’ street art festival – some of these pieces reminded me of some I see on my daily commute…

    Here’s the link if you’re interested in seeing some street art from regional Victoria in Australia

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  17. I love them all! All so gorgeous, but I particularly love the first one of the older gentleman.

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  18. These are such good examples of street Art Lorelle but I think I like the first one best, as it shows the context of the art work. I enjoy finding these sorts of tings when we go travelling too. x

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  19. I think the periodic table is my favorite. These are really amazing. So glad you captured them and shared them. It’s a simple thing to know that art happens the world over, and yet to see it brings a different level of awareness. It becomes real–human. The more we share art, the more human we all become.

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  20. Amazing examples of street art Lorelle. When I see good examples, makes me remember to stop and appreciate the beauty around me, even when I’m in bustling cement walled cities. Cheers!

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  21. All great…I love street art..The cow riding bike has to be my favourite 🙂

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  22. I adore street art. If I have to pick my favourite from your collection it would be wall with cows. 🙂

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  23. I love street art, especially when I am not looking for it. My favourite is the first one, his face expression is so powerful that it’s hard to forget it for a while.

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  24. The last thing I think about seeing while in Singapore is street art. I have always heard it’s so clean and pristine. Cool to see there is a bit of character and grime to the city.

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  25. Oh my gosh I’ve never seen those. I should go around my ‘neighbourhood’ more often. Nice post Lorelle.

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  27. Where we live the street art is something common and we like to see them! Of course they don’t have to ruin public monuments.
    Your photos are so beautiful 🙂

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  28. What a fab collection – I’ve never been to Singapore but somehow I didn’t expect to find street art there! My favourite is definitely the cows.

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  29. The more I see street art, the more I become fascinated by its free spirit and creativity. Interestingly, street art has become quite popular in recent years and about time…these artists deserve all the credit they can get.

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  30. I love all those cows having fun, and I love the Period table 🙂

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  31. The street arts are simply amazing. I mean it takes so much time, effort and creativity to create these beauties. You have really given a great post.

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  32. stylishtravlr

    wow I was in Singapore just a month ago but I must have missed all of them! I really like the one with fresh fruits lab! Do you know whats behind it? Is it some smoothie place or some market? Great photos!


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  34. Street art around the world is fascinating. Singapore’s street art is no different. A mirror to the mores and times of the place and the people. All of them are works of art and a tribute to the known and unknown artist. My favourite here is that of the face of the old man. Looks so poignant.

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  36. Excellent set of street art photos. Thank You showing them.

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  37. Stunning photography! I love stumbling across beautiful street art. There is definitely some hidden talent around!

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