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A Special Meeting…

Establishing special connections through blogging is one thing, however having the opportunity to meet in person is another. Read more...

Establishing special connections through blogging is one thing, however having the opportunity to meet in person is another.

On our recent trip to Singapore, I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Amor from We Travel Happy.

Having only known Amor for a few months, a special connection developed instantly. With quite a lot in common, we followed each other’s stories always taking the time to chat.

A few weeks before arriving in Singapore I made contact with Amor and we agreed to meet for a coffee. I was not apprehensive at all about meeting Amor, in fact, I was quite excited and couldn’t wait to see her in person. With the assistance of social media, we met on Orchard Rd at a shopping mall. I was not surprised by our reaction towards one another. It was as if we had known each other for years! It was a strong, familiar connection.

To my delight, we were joined by another blogger friend of Amor. Karen met up with us at the iconic ION shopping centre and we headed up the escalators to a cosy café, The Marmalade Pantry. Upon Amor’s high recommendation of The Marmalade Pantry, we indulged over delectable cakes and refreshing tea for our afternoon meeting. Chatting continuously like young schoolgirls, we enjoyed each other’s company, discovering as much as we could about one another, within the short period of time we shared. Thank you, Amor, for your hospitality and your friendship.

Unforgettable memories and unique friendship connections. This is definitely what makes blogging so special, worthwhile and rewarding. I am so glad to have met both Amor and Karen. Two wonderful women, sharing their stories and adventures to the world. 🙂

special meeting 3

special meeting 2

Delicious cakes for afternoon tea at The Marmalade Pantry Singapore


special meeting 1

Left to Right: Amor, myself and Karen


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AmorWe Travel Happy



KarenMilestones & Wanderlust



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62 comments on “A Special Meeting…

  1. Meeting fellow bloggers who’ve become friends is so exciting. I’ve met a few too and each time it’s like we’ve always known each other. The cake looks pretty good too. 🙂

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  3. I have loved meeting my blogging friends. What a wonderful meet up you had!

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  4. Milestones & Wanderlust

    I’m grateful that Amor has invited me to the meet up with you. I agree, it’s one thing to connect with fellow bloggers online and it’s even better when you also click in person. You’re such a nice person and I’m glad we 3 hit it off. Time is not enough when you’re having fun. Hope to see you again soon!

    Great shots of the cakes! –

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  5. What a lovely time you had and with the unexpected bonus of not one but two bloggers to meet! I have only met one fellow blogger so far and it was great a fun. With the added attraction of those spectacular cakes, I imagine it was a time to bottle! Xx

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  6. Meeting a fellow blogger must be one of the best experiences. So glad for you.

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  7. So cool that you could meet two other travel bloggers 🙂

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  8. That is so awesome you got to meet!

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  9. That must have been so lovely, Lorelle. And look at those luscious treats you three had to go with the meet-up! The unexpected joys of blogging is reflected in your post. xx

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  10. Wow what a special thing blogging is! So glad you met your fellow bloggers and had a great time 🙂

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  11. Through my years of answering emails regarding housesits I have a sixth sense who we will be a good choice and ones we will get on with straight away. Same with blogging which I think is very similar to having penpals 🙂 Cake is mantory with coffee isn’t it 🙂 x

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  12. Isn’t it wonderful the friends you can make through blogging!! So nice you got to meet up.

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  13. It was like a meeting of old friends Lorelle. Like I’ve known you for years already! It’s not so easy to fit a meeting with friends when on holiday with family, and so thank you for taking time to sit down for a cup of tea and those sinful (but I didn’t feel guilty somehow 🙂 ) cakes. I was a real pleasure talking to you in person. 🙂
    – Amor
    ps. Thanks for sharing the link to my blog in this post. 🙂

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    • You are very welcome Amor. I felt exactly the same. I am so glad to have met you and grateful that we can be in touch via our blogs till we meet again. Have a great week lovely. 💕


  14. It’s like finding our tribe online, and hopefully we get to meet them IRL one day like your experience.

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  15. I love this! Isn’t it incredible when we meet our writer friends in the flesh? I had this wonderful experience not so long ago and it was just like you said, as though we’d known each other for a long time! Sound like you had a delicious day 🌸🤗💗 xx

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  16. hopelessblog

    Thats so cool and such a fab experience to finally meet, glad it went well for you :)xxx

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  17. Yay! Lorelle, this is so awesome. Loving connection is a huge part of forgiveness. And gratitude for the little things. You are fantastic – and I love the picture of the 3 of you. 🙂 I’ll contribute this for Forgiving Fridays this week. Beautiful.

    Also, one request – going forward, it’s helpful if you can link your post to my latest #ForgivingFridays blog. This way, I have all of the posts in one place. (Here’s the pingback for this past week’s blog:

    Thanks so much! Lots of Light to you — Debbie

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  20. Lovely photos, Lorelle. I have met a blogger friend whilst visiting another country! It was a great experience and so interesting that we felt like old friends, somehow. So it was interesting to read that you connected so well with the girls in Singapore. Looking forward to catching up with you at some stage.

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  21. This is so sweet! I’ve experienced the same just this summer while in Europe. It was unexpected bloggers met-up. I thought it would be awkward but it turned out like we were friends for decades. Gaining friends while blogging is fun. 🙂

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  22. I haven’t had a chance to be across blogs much lately but it’s always so lovely reading your new posts (especially when there’s delicious cake in sight!) Lovely post xx

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  24. Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    What delicious fun! The friends I’ve made online is one of my favourite things about blogging. Meeting online friends offline and in real life is just the best! The thing about meeting blogging buddies in real life is that when you meet, you “know” them already!

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  26. I love that we foster such wonderful friendships through our blogs! Yay!!!!

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  31. Oh Lorelle, I’m so glad that you linked back to this post again for #ForgivingFridays. I love this story of you meeting up with Karen and Amor. It illustrates the power of love to touch us. What a beautiful reminder for forgiveness work. I added it to my lineup for tomorrow’s post – YES!! Much blessings to all — Debbie
    ps – that dessert looks delicious. 🙂

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  33. I rarely meet up with other travel bloggers, but when I do, it’s always a special experience and I realize I should do it more. Thanks for sharing!

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