My long haul essential list…

Living in Australia is often referred to as “the lucky country.” It’s the place I am blessed to call home, but when it comes to overseas travel, distance is indeed an issue. For us Melbournians, travel to the USA or Europe can result in over 20 hours on a plane.

These long haul journeys can be quiet tiresome and one needs to be prepared for these lengthy flights.

Here is my essential carry on luggage list when travelling on long flights…

  1. Ensure all passports, important documentation and valuables are always with you.
  2. A spare change of clothes – pack a spare change of clothes and underwear for each person travelling. Luggage can always get lost, and if it does you are prepared. I always wear my jeans on the plane and heavy jacket /cardigan which can be used as a blanket. I take a spare pair of leggings and socks (socks for hygiene reasons) which I change into on the plane and remain in for the whole journey until its time to land, where I then change back into my jeans. Comfort is a must on these long flights.
  1. Hand sanitiser and anti bacterial wipes to wipe down folding tables, arm rests etc. Tissues are always handy as well,
  2. Toiletries – toothbrush and toothpaste, lip balm / paw paw cream, deodorant / perfume, and earplugs are recommended,
  3. Medication and first aid – having worked in pharmacy before I’m a walking chemist at the best of times, so when I travel I pack all necessary medications. Prescribed medication, painkillers, antihistamines, etc. Remember different countries may offer unfamiliar medications to the ones you have at home. Having a child who suffers from motion sickness I always pack a Vicks Vapour stick, as the smell of airplane food triggers nausea. Smelling the eucalyptus Vicks stick helps immensely,
  4. Bottle of water and extra snacks for the flight, chewing gum or any chewy lollies helps with ear popping when landing and taking off,
  5. Music and headphones,
  6. Electronic devise and chargers,
  7. Books / Kindle, card games for the kids (Uno) etc, activity books, and pens are a necessity for filling out incoming passenger cards on flights.
  8. Neck pillows
  9. Vodka – Vodka is my daughter’s teddy bear that comes along for the ride. (Not the drink…. 😉 He is well traveled! )



I always take this with us…

If there is anything I have left out or if you have any suggestions or your own tips, please let me know in the comment section below.

Happy travelling 🙂






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50 comments on “My long haul essential list…

  1. sojerden

    Really handy! I’ll have to refer back to this next time I fly.

    Love Soph xxx

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  2. Hahahaha I died at Vodka ahhh that’s amazing! Xx

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  3. Great list as usual! I really need to get that Vicks inhaler for my next trip. I hadn’t heard of it but that looks like it’s a gamechanger! lol

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  4. I pack all these basics and a few more. Prescription medicine print out from doctor, zip lock bags for crazy practices by Australian customs officers at times. My toitetry bag has grown of late. I also like the new international plug sets that attach to one mother board, two plug and 4 USB outlets. Vodka of course. Like the Idea of the Vicks.

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  5. Sorry, that cut off and sent far too soon. If you are located anywhere near Eltham, they are still there. A really great little set- keeping everyone’s devices happy.

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  6. I’m going on a trip in a couple of days (nowhere near 20 hours!) and I’m glad that I saw this post because I always forget to bring gum to help with ear popping, but now I have enough time to grab some!

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  7. These are great ideas! I’ll definitely be bearing them in mind when I travel (Vicks = genius!!). And Vodka is adorable!

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  8. You fooled me at Vodka! haha. These are some great tips, I cannot survive a flight without neck pillow! xoxo, nano |

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  9. Brooklyn's Corner

    Hello Australia

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  10. A kindle is definitely a must! I never travel without mine 🙂

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  11. Great list! But is it okay to actually bring Vodka on the plane? I need a drink! Hahaha jk… I always like to pack a mini kit with my face creams and washes, a toothbrush, and baby wipes. I always try to freshen up during my layovers because I cannot stand just feeling so greasy and filthy all day long. I will literally wash my face in the ladies room! It feels so refreshing. 🙂


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  12. This is a great little to have – I can’t think of anything else you’d need!x

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  13. maybe an exchange plug if you have European sockets and you travel to Asia or America or the UK and other way around as well. 🙂 and I always have a small pack of baby tissues for toilet using on the plane/airport, and hand sanitizer in my bag 🙂 otherwise perfect summary 🙂

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  14. Very good tips here. I’m going on holiday soon, and I’ll make sure I’ll follow your list. Thanks for sharing.

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  15. collegeceliackc

    These are a lot of my staples too, especially the meds and hand sanitizer! Books or ebooks are a must too.

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  16. You and I think alike! I always wear the ‘biggest’ and ‘heaviest’ things I’m taking (boots, sweater, jacket). But I hadn’t thought of the leggings-on-the-plane trick. Nifty! I also wear my ‘lucky charm’, a Betsy Johnson skull pendant my sister gave me.

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  17. Glad you explained Vodka😀😀

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  18. angelanoelauthor

    You absolutely should do a whole post on Vodka- “How Vodka Got His Name.” And you could throw in a little bit of the history of actual vodka to confuse/educate people on the intersection between a potato-based spirit and a teddy bear. Both comforting in their own ways!

    I’m super curious about Vodka (and vodka.) 🙂

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  19. Thanks for the list. I would need this soon. And I was gonna say yes to #11 actually. Just kidding, no alcohol on board for me when I’m traveling with family. I scanned through your blog and I think I’m gonna enjoy reading your posts 🙂 so I’m looking forward to that.
    – Amor

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  20. Excellent post. Thank You.


  21. As I’m reading this I’m like yep! Definitely!! For sure!! Great list!! Great post xx

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  22. Love it! The earplug thing jumped out at me b/c I just wrote a blogpost about that! 🙂


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