Tips… Packing your Suitcase…

Whether travelling on your own or with others, packing your suitcase is always a challenge and for some a chore.

Being a family of four, and now with two teenage children, we have a lot to pack. Sometimes we don’t want or need to take four large suitcases on our holidays. So usually we tend to stay at places with a washing machine or close to a laundromat so that we can wash our clothes regularly. But in doing so I have learnt not to bring, or more so not to wash your “good items of clothing” as there is always the possibility of shrinkage! I also tend to take older clothes or well worn socks/underwear/pyjamas, especially for the children, that I can just toss away or leave behind and replace with new ones whilst on holiday.

In regards to packing the suitcase, I gather beforehand, any large bags I may have collected from shopping. There is usually one bag for each persons underwear, tops, bottoms or dresses (depending on seasons etc.) I label each bag on the bottom right corner with the persons initials and category of clothing. The clothes are laid flat in the bags and placed in the suitcase. I find this way is much easier to sort through and unpack whose clothes are whose and where they are located, instead of rummaging through a full suitcase for a pair of jeans that are at the bottom of the suitcase 😦

Happy packing πŸ™‚













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26 comments on “Tips… Packing your Suitcase…

  1. This is really smart!! Thank you! πŸ™‚ Fun to read … I love to travel.
    Blessings, Debbie

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  2. What a rum idea! I really hate rummaging to get to a top or that dress that I want asap. This should be magic.

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  3. I love your way of sorting things! Excellent tips!

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  4. That’s a great idea, even for one person to pack their clothes and keep things together, like underwear! I always take far too many clothes overseas, half of which I never wear. Next trip I am determined to limit myself.

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  5. You can also use vacuuming bags, really useful when you have lots of fluffy stuff πŸ™‚

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  6. Anya Wangsuwan

    Great advice. I like the way you sort your things out x


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  7. The girl on a move

    The tips are very handy and useful. I also happen to be a travel blogger. I would love if you visit my page and exchange ideas. Here is a link to my page

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  8. This is great! As a family of five, it isn’t always easy to pack. But me being organized as I am, everything always fits! And there’s room left over too 😊

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  9. Nice thoughts😊 Takea look at my places. Different inspiration


  10. Milestones & Wanderlust

    I do almost the same thing! I started with packing separate Ziploc bags for each person depending on the number of days we were staying in one place.
    I have had the draft blog for my packing style and haven’t had the chance to post it – for years! Now you’ve given me an inspiration to finally publish it. Will have to wait for a few more posts to get through though. Great job on this!

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